4.2 crank for sale

(Paul Wigton) #1

Let me know if anyond is interested: i
Ill let the guy know.

“Crankshaft from a 4.2L Jag engine. Mains need to be ground but will clean up. Located in RI, yours for cost of shipping. Many other engine components available. Essentially bought another engine, due to cracked block in original engine, now have another engine minus block, in hand. Would like to see it go to good use, instead of scrap bin.“

(Mike Spoelker) #2

Having shipped Jag cranks and cylinder heads, here is some practical advice I learned. If you build a stout wooden crate and ship it via UPS, they will charge you a “special handling” surcharge. (I think it was $15). If you wrap the exact same crate with corrugated cardboard, no surcharge.


I wish I would have read this earlier. Many of these engines are dirt cheap but when you happen to be looking for a certain part and have no inventory, you pay!