4.2 V8 NA 2003 S Type Cooling system torque settings

Happy Christmas everyone.
Hopefully this will fix the “last” of my leaks.
Just bought part AJ89485 "outlet pipe/thermostat .
I’m looking for the correct torque numbers. The only thing I’ve found is 9Nm for the T’stat housing which is already fitted to the "pipe’
but there are 8 other fixings for the “Outlet Pipe” these are the settings I’m looking for. Can’t seem to find them anywhere.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can’t help with the torque figures but can that be purchased as an aluminium item? I know for the AJ26 engine it can as I have one on my XJR? Much safer option in the long run.

Thanks Robin. I’m not aware of an aluminium alternative. It would make sense to upgrade if one was available. However, the “plastic” original part has survived on my car which has done over 350,000km.
On further checking it looks like 9Nm for the three bolts on the actual Thermostat housing and 10Nm for the others.
The reason I’m changing the part is due to a small leak as I cant tighten the lower of the three bolts.

Oh unfortunately this is does not fit my 2003 4.2 V8.
I couldn’t see the part I need AJ89485 on their site but I’ve now received an OEM from British Parts UK.
Just need a free day now to fit it :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your reply.