420G Brake servo decal

Does anyone have a photo of the decal for the brake fluid for a Girling Supervac 100 brake servo in their 420G engine bay? I’m interested in the decal itself and its location in the engine bay. Is the decal on the servo itself or somewhere else, perhaps near the brake fluid reservoirs? Specifically for a later 420G 1969-1970. I assume the attached decal is for the Dunlop servo and not Girling?


The decal is attached to the top of the servo unit. I have an original super vac 100 and can take a pic if it helps. It is a narrower label than you have pictured. You may want to try looking at Saloondata and the late 4.2 Mk10 and 420g listings and the early XJ6 to get an idea.
In the meantime see pic attached of an early XJ6> This is the correct label if you can make it out.

Hi Nick, thanks for input, sadly I have been through every 420G in saloondata. There are some early 420Gs with Girling as well, when replacements were needed. I think your decal might be similar to the one below. I’m not 100% certain an early XJ6 would be the same as 420G, but, likely. The 420G moved to the Supervac for commonality. As this is the only point I lost on authenticity in a recent concours, I’m keen to get it right. Thinking of putting in a research request to JDHT.

bloody hell mate, that must have been a blow !

I will have a peak at the boosters I have, I do not think my rebuilt (presumed) original Supervac 100 has the decal on it,

I have some MKG and XJ boosters under my house

I am thinking it might be possible to have the item laser printed or similar tech, and as 10 will cost the same as 1, get a few made, I will pay for one please :smiley:

Any other serious 420G owner will surely also want one, easy sale :joy:

While we are on the topic of concours engine bay, rather than start a new topic

The alloy oval plate adjacent to the VIN and Battery plate, mine is blank as are my spares

Yours is correct and looks new, has lettering on it, cant recall what, but its completely unacceptable for mine to be blank, now that I have seen yours

Did you buy that and if so where, or was some new-fangled tech involved in restoring the original ?

Mine is June 69 build, G1D56671BW, how close am I to yours?

No not a blow, I only lost 17 points out of 2760, one for the decal, one for a tiny ding on my drivers front hubcap and the other 15 all on condition in the interior. I can’t complain. I spent 3 weeks full time cleaning her. That was my first and last concours, unless I put it into the next National Concours, which might be NSW next year.

I reckon it should be possible to find the decal, I just need to know what it is (if there is one). The judges thought it needed to be the yellow one, but that’s for Dunlop and not Girling. They switched to Girling from 56264, so that’s what you should have. As they say, judges are not always right but the are never wrong :slight_smile: I’ve had Jag Stickers in the UK make me the tyre pressure decals before, he did a great job on that.

The alloy oval plate is the seat belt anchor compliance plate. I got mine from Martin Robey but he has gone crazy on postage lately.

1125 ‘Seat Belt Anchorage’ Plate | Martin Robey

I’m 57881 so not that close, 1210 away, mine is April 1970, only 268 were made after mine.

I’ll PM you my mobile number.

good one

sure PM me your mobile…and maybe suggest a good time to call

I agree the Judges are possibly incorrect

I presume you have all the relevant literature, Thorley & others, also the original Jag catalogues (which are in the archives)…they may reveal ?

As far as I can recall, Thorley says standardised with XJ6 in '68 (which makes sense)

So you would expect it to be the same as an XJ6 sticker from a 69-70 XJ6

Yes Thorley is probably the best book. The Jag catalogues have the Dunlop servo.

The car in the picture is not an early XJ6, it’s about 1972 or so, the first cars had a black servo, then trichromate (gold) with what might have been a more squarish sticker judging from the shadow I had left on mine, late 69. This would point towards the ~4:3 white sticker with red letters, asking for girling crimson fluid.

Like this one:

Not my picture, some E Type

I‘m also interested in the results.

The label you show is the correct one. It is approx 1in x 3in…
See two pics attached. one is a blow up of what I posted a few days ago and the other is of a servo from a 1973 XJ6 on the bench and which I understand is an original except for the grey spray paint painted on and partially concealing the original label.


Also, see the excerpt from the Girling 1980 Vehicle fitments catalogue which lists all cars from about 1960 to 1972 and therefore includes the early to mid
Girling Dunlop brake parts, 420g, XJ6 ser 1 .pdf (3.1 MB)
Jaguar XJ6 series 1s.
Note the coloured rectangles, my doing, which indicate common part numbers.

The mid to late 420Gs and both RHD and LHD XJ6 series 1 to August 1970 and all LHD series 1s to at least 1972 used the same Girling Supevac servo unit 64049198

See a screenshot of a comment on this forum from George Camp a long time ago citing the official change from Dunlop to Girling servos on the Tech Bulletin 1F3 April 1st 1969 and the Parts bulletin N1 Feb 1970.
In actual fact some of the earlier 420Gs had already been fitted with the Girling Supervac 100s.
The bulletin just made it official as it were.
Jaguar XJ6 ser1 parts catalogue RTC9106 section 24-21 to 22.pdf (220.4 KB)


An excerpt from the XJ6 parts catalogue RTC9106 1974 section 24, pages 21 and 22.
You can see from page 21 that servo was common to all models and both LHD and RHD and then on page 22 a different part number was used for RHD cars.
The chassis number changes appear to align with mid to late 1970 and also seem to correlate with the Girling catalogue.

I hope all of the foregoing info has been of help.

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Thanks Nick all very interesting. I’ve contacted JDHT and paid my £35, so let’s see if I can get anything out of that. Otherwise you’ve convinced me to use the series 1 XJ6 decal. I am assuming there is no decal up near the brake fluid reservoirs.

Just because it is a supervac 100 the sticker can have changed or could be different. I can only repeat that the 1973 XJ6 has had a few! changes from the 1969-1970 car. 1973 is a „late“ Series 1 and my booster had a different sticker.

Can’t the judges be asked which one they would like to see since that is the concern?

The judges don’t know what the decal should be, just there is a decal missing. In fact, one of the judges is trying to help me to identify the decal, but, no luck yet. Hopefully JDHT can find it, I’m only willing to pay GBP70 to find out, so hopefully they can do it in 1-2 hours.

Unfortunately, the sales brochure for the series 1 XJ6 does not include a useful picture of the engine bay. Most people I speak to suggest its most reasonable to assume that the decal would be the same as the S1 XJ6. Here is a photo of what is identified as a 1969 XJ6, with the gold servo, with part of a decal that looks like the long decal. I have never seen the more square one on anything but an e-type firewall.

This looks so good that I‘m going to go out to my car immediately. It’s been restored though so they probably just wanted a sticker on there as well! For example, the hose clamps don’t look original but not much else ‚wrong‘ with it, looks absolutely beautiful. And yes, would mirror the correct year for you.

I do not have a correct period picture either, unfortunately. Maybe xj6data.com shows something?

Edit, turns out all the other cars still have a black booster. I might have a reconditioned unit, and my previous opinion is worthless. The only sticker I could make out is long with a frame like Nicks picture, the booster is black.

I searched 68-70 on xj6data.com, other than the one I previously posted, there was this one

Also looks restored to me as far as the decals go, especially the air cleaner.

and this one

And a couple of 71’s…again the same one as Nick suggested.

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Yes pretty sure Nick had it right in the first place! I will look further. Maybe I end up painting my booster black :slightly_smiling_face:

Steve, David et al.
I specifically searched xj.collectordata only up to the chassis numbers indicated on section 24 page 21 of the XJ6 parts manual which is about mid 1970 and which is about when the last of the 420Gs were made.
I found 2 that look like original servo units with the original label as best as I can tell.
One of them is the red car in Steve’s post 17.
See attached pic of the other one

Also see pic of a 1968 420G currently for sale on carandclassic.co,uk

The pic in post 16 does appear to be restored and is a longer label than the others.

I took a closer look at the label on the workbench servo from post 9:
The label is vinyl, exact dimensions 7/8 x 3-1/4.

Given that Jaguar allegedly begun outfitting the 420G with Girling Supervac 100s in late 1967 onwards and the Girling catalogue suggesting the same from 1968 onwards and then the official bulletin in 1969.
Hopefully the correct label has been identified!
Run it by the judges, see what they say…