420G Factory Steel Sunroof

Good afternoon
Can anyone confirm how many 420g were built with a factory steel sunroof for the UK?

I would have to consult the comprehensive literature I have on that model, but am not aware of that being a factory option during the over 20 years of owning & reading about them…but I could be wrong ! :grinning:

either way, I will update within a few days

Good morning

Thank you, I have Bought a 1969 model with this fitted and have seen one advertised from Denmark so was curious.

Many thanks

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I have no intention to be a mister-know-it-all, but I think since the deletion of the factory sunroofs on every Saloon (SS1-MKIX) this was solved by third parties.

So a new Jaguar MKX, 420 G, S-type, MK2, 420 or even an XJ and XJC, or an E-type may have had a sunroof fitted when new, but not by Jaguar but for instance a Webasto authorized third party before the car was dispatched to the main dealer / importer.

I have a friend with one such car, among the paperwork is the limited warranty on the Webasto sunroof from when the car was sold to the first owner by H R Owen in London, UK.

So yes and no, the factory did not install them at the Browns Lane plant, but the sunroof can have been installed by a workshop in the neighborhood, in Allesley, or closeby before the car was delivered by the factory to the main dealer or importer in another country.

Denmark however is biit unlikely as they had (and still have) very high car taxes, thus all Jaguars back in the day (1958-1978) arrived without mirrors, radios, antennas etc as that would have had a very high tax applied. So over here in Finland a sunroof on a new car was possible but would almost certainly have been installed locally, not in England.


I think Pekka would be correct in that it would be an aftermarket fitment

there is no mention of it in the Parts Manual for MKX, or the 420G supplement IPL4

It is not mentioned in the two major texts on this model by Thorley & Skilleter

entering the search term “420G with sunroof” into Google imgage search has many excellent pics of 420G, some modified, but not one with a sunroof

after a few posts, you are able to upload a pic of yours by clicking on the “arrow up” icon in the icon bar

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