'47 Saloon ignition switch details

Dear gentlemen,
I’m a new member of this forum, but have been reading your posts for a while.
Last year I toke over the nice '47 2.5L Saloon from Detlef (JagDriver).
There is a list of tasks I want to do on the car during winter time.

The current small job is to change the ignition switch located on the dashboard.
It’s a Lucas 312151, and thanks to Detlef, there is already a spare part in my stock.

The faulty ignition switch has no more a mechanical rest point at the ON position,
means during driving it can happen that the ignition switch turns back and interrupt the ignition. For sure that doesn’t feels nice during driving, you know :wink:

Anyway I removed the switch and want to exchange it with the spare part. But one part of the switch, it is some kind of covering glued to the front of the barrel/lock, seems to me a little bit worn/damaged. So it needs to be restored.

I attached some photos of the litte cover to this post.

Does anyone of you know, how this cover should look like? I didn’t find any photos in our collection or on the internet that shows useful details. I found only one picture of another car’s dashboard that shows the cover of the lock, but not detailed enough …
Maybe someone of you also recognized the cover at the ignition switch as well and can publish a photo here, or give me a hint :wink:

Thanks for your help,

The lock cover

Cover placed on the lock surface

Photo from internet with another car’s dashboard showing also the cover but details not really visible…

That cover was not a factory fitment. However, it is quite sensible especially when your ignition key is the same as your door key. Personally I wouldn’t bother with it as it is really no deterrent to a car thief.


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Hi Peter. Thanks for the answer. I assumed that this was some kind of “anti theft upgrade” to ensure the number of the lock isn’t visible at all. And yes the door key is the same. Because of that I moved the original barrel to the spare part.