4HP24 gear box swap

Hi everyone. Newby here from UK.
I’m wanting to put a 4hp24 gearbox into an S3 with an injection v12 engine in it.
Anyone got any thoughts about the technicalities of the proposal ?

The 4hp24 connected to the AJ6 engine and will need an adaptor to rotate it slightly (15deg?) at a guess, but as far as anything else I’m afraid I cannot help.

It’s the last choice I would use, vey expensive to repair and only has a nominal life of 200km. (from my BMW / JAG Tech friends ).
Do as everyone else does, and use a GM 4L60/65E series trans. Adaptor plates are readily available.

Life at 200km??? …typo ?
Here, we would expect to get 70 k miles out of a gearbox without too much trouble.

Erm thats 122,000 klms, I’d certainly expect to get more than that out of a trans. Admittedly it was behind a AJ16 3.2 X300 but my brothers went to 333,333.00 klms before he sold it (the top coat was failing!)

The 4L60e or 4L65e is a very good choice BUT they will both require an electronic transmission controller of sorts. I fitted the 4L60e to my EFI’ed Jensen Interceptor and its marvelous.

The 700r4 offers the same ratios (sharp 1st and very deep overdrive 4th) as well as torque convertor lockup but is controlled by the “TV cable” from the throttle, ie, very little control over its shift behaviour. I fitted the 700r4 to my '70 Chev C10 to avoid the electronics.


Thanks but I do not want to get involved in any electrics to do with the gearbox.

I want to fit, in uk known as, 4hp24 which I am told will perform really well when the heavier guts of a 4hp22 have been fitted.

But would like to hear from anyone who has done such a thing.

AFAIK, the 4HP24 also requires and electronic controller…

4HP24 is electronic
4HP22 is the non electronic box as fitted to the 3.6 XJ40 and 3.2 X300


The guts of the 24 can be selectively transplanted into the 22 I understand, to strengthen its performance.

I’m sorry …the thread implies that I was going to put a 24 box in alone, It’s the modified 22 that I hope to use.

Thanks again