5.3 Cylinder liner bore specs

Hello, I am trying to figure out the specs for a 5.3’s cylinder bores,
i need the range of acceptable sizes. I can’t seem to find it in the shop manual, it just states that it should be 3.543 but no + or - specifications are given.


That gets into the A and B spec liners. You’re not supposed to care what the tolerances are, if there’s anything wrong with the bores you’re just supposed to replace the liners.

Okay good to know, so if its out of spec (3.543) at all then you just replace them? That makes it easy then, is there a specific way to replace them? I’ve never dealt with a sleeved engine before.

Yep. Just go down to your neighborhood Jaguar dealer with a wheelbarrow full of money.

Seriously, those liners are probably difficult to find any more. If yours need work, you might consider Lutz’s plan of boring them a bit and installing Chevy 305 pistons.

If i am not mistaken SNG Barrett and Terry’sJag sell them. but it seems that they are only available for the Pre H.E. engines. do the liners generally wear all that much? or are they pretty stout?

I don’t think they’re different! The pistons are different for sure, and I think the liners for the 6.0 are different, but I don’t think there’s any difference between the pre-H.E. and H.E. liners. I’m sure someone will correct me if this is wrong.

Well, that would be cool! for reference these are the ones i am talking about. I would be very interested to know for sure if they are the same.
Terry’s Jag: https://www.terrysjag.com/product/E-TYPE-SER3-ENGINE-PISTONS/1471001000.html
SNG: https://www.sngbarratt.com/us/#!/English/parts/4bf51fbf-4128-41c8-a8ac-f7547ad71fae

They look the same! It’d be good if somebody compared part numbers.

I didn’t see any mention of A vs. B on that listing. If you’re reusing pistons – which I suppose is unlikely - you’d want to match the piston. If you’re using new pistons, you’d want to match the piston.

I wouldn’t recommend any more than 92mm bore using std. liners. Chev 305 pistons are 95mm and require larger liners.

Well if I get a chance I will buy one of these sleeves and compare it with the OE H.E. sleeve and report back. but that may be quite a while.

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Don’t waste your money, 5.3 and 6.0 liners are the same, there is only a 8.5mm increase in stroke.
Even for my 7.5L. with 90mm. stroke the liner used is the same as I use for the std. 70mm. stroke crank.