5 beeps indicating a warning or error

For an unknown reason I began getting 5 beeps coming from my dash in sets of 5 beginning a minute after starting my car, then going off. About 15 minutes later they begin again. I cant find anything in my handbook under audible or warning sounds. I do have and have always had, a passerger airbag that apparently doesnt work, however I dont know why the beep would begin now many years later if it has to do with the airbag. If the airbag is not working, should the small light on the dash above the glove compartment stay lit while the engine is on? If yes, that could be the problem, the light is burnt out? Other than that Im at a loss, on top of the ‘wont pass smog’ loss I was already at. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I did have a similar thing happen just yesterday. I was trying to get somthing out from the floor beside the passenger seat when suddenly this beeping noise started. I thought it might have something to do with the alarm so I tried starting the car. No luck! The car wouldn’t start, wouldn’t even turn over! It turns out that the problem was that when I was trying to reach under the seat, I accidently pulled the gear shift lever slightly out of the PARK position, which also explains why it wouldn’t turn over. Just another weird thing built into the car that they don’t tell you aboout.

Hah…yes, it never really stops! I did ‘fix’ the problem. Since it is impossible to figure out what goes on in that Jag brain, I first tried disconnecting the speaker emitting the beep, and it brought on error messages on the dash. So instead I packed it with stuffing and taped it with electrical tape, and now it can beep to its hearts content and not be heard. It’s a heck of a way to stop a problem but Im finding it so very hard to diagnose and fix jag problems. Ive been dealing with trying to clear computer codes for smog certification on 2 identical jags and having problems on both. It’s too much sometimes

Could be the gear lever contact switch is saying it’s not in park

Hi, John, and thank you. The beeping begins after the engine is started and when the car is moving, so it wouldnt be in park anyway.