59 MKI with 95 XJ6R drive train

Has anyone ever put the engine and tranny from an Xj6R into a Mark I? If so does it fit without cutting? Can the rear end handle it?

No it will never fit without extensive body modifications.
I have seen a MK2 once with this engine ( but not the R spec, that wil never fit )
As I remember car must be LHD also ( exhaust is in the way on the right side)

Peter Jan

Any engine will fit , with work , some will need more work then others , if you need a engine ,I think I would look for a 3.4 , in keeping and the strongest , and don’t think you would miss the extra 5mph from a 3.8 .

It is LHD. I’ve seen an MK1with a Chevy v8 in it. I figure that has to be wider than a supercharged inline 6. But maybe not. Can’t believe I’m 1st motor head to try this.

This is not a 3.8 it’s a 4.0 and its supercharged. Factory rated at 340hp if I remember correctly.

dont think you are…not sure if they are supercharged, but one went into a MKX, and I know our local Jag mechanic, who also builds up various vehicles had some to go into earlier model vehicles.

Big job to do the electronics

I am not intimate with the MK1 diff, but think it is the same R&P as most other same era Jags which is equivalant to a Dana 44…you can check how much torque they are rated online table, bearing in mind 60+ yr old metal

Not forgetting the Daimler 250 v8 has the same body shell as the MK2 ,

there is someone on this island that put the supercharged setup in mark 2 but it required a huge investment of time and ended up as extensive re engineering of everything one of those serious labors of love.

They used the V8 into the ‘S’, the XJR6 is the earlier AJ16 super charged engine.

There is an XK150 in Sweden with the full Jag V12, so clearly a lot things are possible!

Is that a Beacham one? No scrub that they did a V8S/c conversion

No, just a one-man company. He’s done V12 Mk2 conversions as well. I recall seeing them once, alongside a S3 E-type with a supercharged engine. My memory is hazy on the latter though.

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Here’s a You Tube video link to a highly modified S Type with a Jaguar V8 fitted. They call it a Mark II but it is clearly an S.

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yes it was the aj6 with factory blower and injection but the engine compartment was extensively enlarged to provide cooling and reasonable access if i remember properly. i remember thinking that there was no point attempting it as he did such a good job so i appreciate my mark 2 with mostly stock everything , after all a seventy year old with poor eyesight can get myself in enough fun i can barely stand it! i am thinking that your cruise and fabulous travel arrangements are cancelled out or can you salvage some of it ? pretty quiet and restrained here.

Hi John, yes we were due to fly out in three weeks <> time but we have cancelled the flights and due to the wife suffering 2 strokes right on lockdown in March we were covered by travel insurance.
The cruise and train trips have been rolled over till the same time next year, hopefully by then the US will have sorted themselves out.

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3.4 Mk1 had a stronger diff than the 2.4. Basically Mk7 gears with narrow track of 2.4. Easily capable of handling power you are talking of provided you use a bit of common sense. As mentioned by others, anything can be made to fit into anything if ,you have enough time\money.
Not sure why you would want to, apart from because you can! A healthy 3.4 or 3.8 would provide all the excitement you would need IMO. Put a straight port head and 3 SUs and you would have a pretty lively car. Would surprise a few people, especially if it was an 8 bar grille model that you kept looking standard. BTW even that mod would require surgery to the inner guard to fit the carbs. Would be OK with 2 SUs though. Maybe a bog standard 4.2 XJ would suffice.