6.0 HE Exhaust Valve Replacement

Hello, I am new to the Jag lovers forums.

I have recently had quite a misfire at idle that was not as noticeable at highway speeds, after some prodding and attempting to diagnose the issue I found a spark plug that had a small portion of its ground electrode missing. After removing the problematic spark plug I observed the cylinder using a endoscope and found no damage to the piston, cylinder walls or the intake valve, the exhaust valve on the other hand appeared to have been scorched with a small “notch” taken out of it. After this I performed a simple compression test and was only able to obtain around 50 psi from the problematic cylinder while the neighboring cylinder provided in the neighborhood of 120 psi (I cannot remember the exact result) and a leak down test provided no better results.

I am soon going to attempt removing the problematic valve and replacing it, I do not know if any damage has been done to the valve seat but I have been struggling to find any consistent information to as to where I can acquire a quality replacement exhaust valve. I am not necessarily in a rush so I am also curious if there is any additional maintenance or inspecting I should perform while I have the head removed, I am also quite curious if the valves are shared across the 5.3 and 6.0.

Looking for source for 6.0 V12 Exhaust valve
Suggestions for maintenance tasks while cylinder head is removed

hello Edgar and welcome

the Jaguar part list seems to have 2 different part numbers for 6.0L exhaust valves
EAC7318 for all 6.0 less the “emission A” variants, which uses EAC3192

the 5.3 seems to use EAC3192

so some 6.0 share the part with the 5.3, but not all of them