62e Turn signal lever position?

Is the turn signal lever supposed to be about parallel with the bottom of the dash panel and in that position does it tilt up/down/level?

any ideas?.???..

Pete I’ll take a picture of my ‘62 tomorrow and post it.

As I recall, in the neutral position, the turn signal switch is roughly parallel to the bottom of the dash panel.

This may be a bit wonky because the wheel is turned but it may help.

would you say the area after the bend is level or does it tilt up or down?

Pete here are a few photos I just took. I tried to get different angle. Hope it is helpful.

Pete wanted to make sure you saw the photos I posted.

Hi I did thanks very much

Looking at these pictures reminded me of something that has annoyed me on my 67 S1 OTS - when the turn signal stalk is moved upwards for a right hand turn, the end of the lever comes very close to grazing the end of the dip switch.

In fact, due to fore-aft play in the lever mechanism, it often does. I don’t know if mine is correct because of this - hard to believe Norman Dewis & co. would let that one go unresolved!

Looking at the last picture of the series above, it looks like the stalk is angled sufficiently for ample clearance. I don’t seem to have that. Can it be my turn signal lever isn’t bent to a sufficient angle?


seems to me that the bend angle here is about 45degrees where as others and mine seem to be closer to 30 which makes a big difference in the interference with the panel

I hit the dip lever twice on yesterday’s drive. I believe the 67 turn signal switch is unique to that year.

Yeah I see the difference in the photos others have posted. I’m happy with how mine is - easy to to reach with left hand still on the wheel and no issue with it hitting the dip switch.