677577 1953 xk120 dhc

(CP120) #1

This year marks the 56th anniversary of my purchase of 677577. Over the years the car has been modified to suit my size and tastes with a smaller diameter steering wheel, smaller pedals, removal of the twin 6V batteries and replacement with a 12v Odyssey in the boot. While not up to the standards of the David Gandy restoration/modification, my financial outlay to date stands at about a tenth of his (the result of being a starving artist as opposed to a super model). By the way, the car came with the XK140 tail lights and ,yes, I know that the spat key is neither “correct” nor in the right place (along with the wheel brace), however, concours d’elegance is not something I have ever been interested in pursuing.

I shall be entering my 77th year this summer so not sure how many more years I shall enjoy driving her, but when that pleasure ends it may be time to retire to the garage with the 12 gauge!!


(restorer32) #2

Am I the only one who thinks discs and spats look far “classier” than wires? Are cars with discs and spats still valued less than wire wheeled models?

(Gary Grant) #3

This man thinks his car is pretty classy…

(Rob Reilly) #4

I am in agreement with Mr. Gable and Mr Lyons.