6hp28 ZF ATF requirement

The transmissionin the x351 was originally filled with a hybrid fluid half and half, this transmission is also licensed by Ford and most of their transmissions are exactly this. LV spec fluid is the current spec and beyond, it is full synthetic. The oem fluid will deteriorate over time. Just draining it and refilling will not for themost part replace all of fluid. I nave thought to undo the pipes at the cooler and feed fluid in while the rest empties into a catch container. There is no filter, only a screen. I am presently grappling with the driver side engine mount have been ill hope to get back to it soon looks like the ac compressor needs dropped along with the pipes to be able to get to the engine bracket two bolts as well as the steering rack to get room to extract it. there is not room to get a wrench of any type on the top nut of the actual mount, I think that with the bracket removed it will rotate the mount so that access is obtained. the mounts were supposed to be new the car lot I bought it from whilst bargaining proclaimed he just spent $1200 on new enginge mounts. Not the case, on the other hand after drilling down into the electronic record somehow 75,000 mi were erased from easy access memory. Hope to take it to task.