'71 XKE S2 OTS - Aluminum Door Blocks

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Could someone please post a picture or 2 of the aluminum door blocks. Would like to see correct positioning and how they are connected to the doors. What is the spec of the screw?
Thank you in advance. Bob

I found an earlier post from Richard that the screw that holds the alum block is a UCS.516/6H set screw. My parts manual shows PN UCS.516/3H? Can someone please confirm PN and even specs. I seem to be challenged by the PN and using the XKS Book fastener guide?

If possible, if someone could post a picture or 2 of the block on the door, that would be great. I have new blocks for my friends XKE S2 that do not have any holes drilled in.

Thanks, Bob

Define “aluminium door blocks”


This is the part. Thanks, Bob

Here you go Bob. Pretty basic, it just follows the profile of the chrome trim. Pay no attention to the screw. It[s whatever I had that would fit.

Trying to help here…the only “aluminium” block I have on my '70 ots. and 2+2…I would call a pin that enters the door catch on the pillar so that the door shuts properly…if we are talking about this…these are held on by size 3 or 4 phillips head screws backed by star washers…the star washers are used as locking washers.
I might add this…We restorers in Phoenix, both Shaun (who built the E that sold for $425,000) and Jerry and I…we all have an original E we “keep around” so that we can “go look see” how these are exactly, originally put together…That is how “we” know
And too, you better have Richard’s $195 book…xkebooks.com especially for series 2

BTW…I need a book (like Richard’s $195) for TR4A…not mechanical… but part “plates” we could also call it numbered diagrams that are cross referenced on the adjacent page with part numbers. Victoria British has something…I would like more. For tr6, gt6, spitfire

Thanks Erica. So it appears that the screw that holds the block is hidden, out of sight, under the trim profile. Thanks again, Bob

Bob, no you can see a screw on mine that passes through the outside of trim, through the block and into the door. I might also have used some trim cement on it because the hole through the spacer wasn’t snug and it had some play.

I’m a bit concerned about Mitch’s post. Mine is a S1 car. Is yours really supposed to have this part there? I honestly have no idea if a S2 uses them.

Mine (69 S2) has it.

The chrome (and its screw) were removed for painting but the block stayed put. As you say, possibly attached with something adhesive.

BTW - I vaguely recall from a prior thread that it was not supposed to have been in paint. Oh well.

Is it aluminum Geo? Magnet test. I’d guess it is a spacer, rather than part of the door casing. Yours probably ended up being painted because it had been glued in place. No sense trying to break it off for a repaint.

Finally understand what is being referenced…my ots has the aluminium filler (block) and the 2+2 does not both series 2.
And of course, Richards $195 book shows it
Oh…and the pin I referenced above is steel

If the Parts Lists are correct, they are held on by a single UCS.516/3H (#8-32 set screw 3/8" long with countersunk slotted flat head). They are only applicable to the OTS, and though I can find them in the S1 3.8 and 4.2 Parts Lists, I can’t find them in the Jaguar S2 Parts List. This isn’t unusual, as the S2 Parts List often just references the earlier Parts Lists if it hasn’t changed. Given the screw is countersunk, I wonder if it is secured through the door panel and hidden by the chrome finisher when it is installed. It seems odd that there is no hole drilled and tapped into the new aluminium sealing blocks though. Unfortunately, I’m away from my car, or I’d just remove one of the chrome finishers and take a look. The illustration on the etypeparts.com web site appears to show a countersunk hole in the face that would be hidden by the chrome finisher.



Fitted to OTS doors only

I removed mine recently to have the doors dip-stripped. They are indeed held on by a screw through the door face which is hidden under the chrome finisher.

Thanks everyone for your great replies, info and pictures!

Mister_Mitch, fyi… I have owned the “$195” XKE Book for years and use it all of the time.
Sorry, but no real life color pictures in this book. Also doenst show you how some parts are installed correctly (ie, this alum block and location of the screw that holds it to the door). This is one of the many reasons how wonderful this forum and its members are. Most of them respond in very positive, helpful ways.

Thanks to all that I have helped me over the many years!

Kind Regards, Bob

Dang, I missed that when I was looking right at…

AL Block Screw