'71 XKE S2 OTS - Front Bumper

Hi All,

In the process of refitting my friends front bumpers. What is the “acceptable” gap between the front bumper and the bonnet?

Please refer to the attached photos. On each end, the front bumper touch the bonnet, yet in the middle, there is a substantial gap. One of the pictures depicts the gap amount per a ruller.

Thanks in advance for your advice. Bob

Oops… Did you fit the bumpers to the bonnet before body work or getting them chromed? The gap should be about 1/4-3/8" and uniform. It may be possible to grind down the bumpers to fit if only a little adjustment is needed and you only grind into the edge that shows so as to not pop off the chrome.

Hi Bill, the answer to your question is no.

I will see, if hopefully, I can grind down to fit per the bumper to the OE gap of 1/4-3/8" gap.

Thanks, Bob

Cut a 1/2" piece of the bumper rubber and test fit to verify the gap. Don’t take my 1/4-3/8 as correct.

Definitely try it before removing material. It might well be good enough. If it’s a S2 they seem to be a bit more forgiving due to the wider rubber.

According to a recent detailed thread on bumper rubber, the rear bumpers on S2 and S3 take a wider piece. Fronts are the same as S1.

They look somewhat different to me. Hard to say without holding them.



Found this from December

Thanks Erica and All,

I do have new rubber and will definitely dry fit before I remove any material.
Regards, Bob