72 S1 Right Rear Wheel Bearing

Hi Everyone,

Spent last Sunday under the car replacing the left fuel tank. While under the car I noticed wetness from the right side wheel hub. Since the car was up in the air, I grabbed the wheel left and right and sure enough it failed the wiggle test.

I have a 71 parts car. Would there be any reason I can’t grab the hub off that car and use it? Any cautions to look out for?

I don’t have a press, nor the space for one, so being able to use the part car hub while I send the original out for service would be great.

Jeff H.

That should be fully interchangeable.

Just swap it and leave it or swap the entire IRS and service the 72 IRS while it’s out if you haven’t already, just inspection, maybe some seals, oil, mounts and the hub if it’s necessary. A little play isn’t too much trouble. Changing just the hub with half shaft is simple enough, and I’m not aware of any differences or anything to keep an eye on.

None whatever, Jeff - provided the ‘other’ hub is in good order, the ‘old’ requires more work than the swap…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Thanks for all the information everyone! Much appreciated.

I’ll swap hub with half-shaft. When time permits I’ll pick up a press and refurbish the 72 hub. This will be my first rear hub refresh, so glad to be able to take my time without taking the 72 out of daily use.

Jeff H.