'74 sedan - AZ - $10,000

Two entire photos.

Ov vey es mir…:persevere:

Note S3 doors and grille. Has never seen rain, for it has no wipers.

wOw David,
I noticed the grill and mirrors but missed the door handles.
I can’t imagine the doors being interchangeable.
I’d think these are just the door handles as the glass in series III’s are taller - the rear door glass anyways.
There are the non moving wind wings of the II’s in the pics.
Craig’s List lets you attach up to 24 pics :roll_eyes:

In that part of the country… it comes rarely.

Amazing amount of info you gleaned from those few photos… kudos!

Maybe the doors rusted and they used S3 doors, transferred the glass area and made that fit. Then they dipped the car in dark red paint and it was done. I believe the mirrors weren’t s3 only?

Im sure the PO cut openings in the doors to use the S3 door handles. I read something about how to do this more that a decade ago. There’s slim to none that they are S3 doors on an S2 body.