'82 sedan - CO - $8,495

Very nice. But, I do not think it is a Corvette engine. It is an LT1.

Didn’t Corvettes in the 80s have LT1s?

Answered my own dumb question!

Tis a bit confusing, The LT1 I know of is of 90’s vintage. One version for Corvettes and Camaros. One state of tune and alloy heads.

Another in Caprice cop cars, classy Impalas and Buick Roadmasters and Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams. A different tune and iron heads.

Outwardly, similar. The former had the alternator on rhe left bank and the latter on the right bank.

The car in the add is therefore powered by an iron head LT1. Better match, actually. Torque to move the heavy car…

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looks good in black! seems reasonably priced i think too, if everything works

No that’t not a Corvette LT1. Looking at the engine pic with the tall oil filler stack it’s probabaly from a Camaro or Firebird. Hard to tell. All are good but don’t advertise it as something it’s not. It’s also an early Series III with the S2 center console and prior to the electronic speedometer.

The F-body Camaro and Firebird versions of the mid 90’s LT1 had aluminum heads but had the same block and front accessory configuration as the B-body Caprice/Impala/Roadmaster. The alternator was mounted high on the right side unlike the Corvette that placed it on the left side. Since the F-body shared the same block they had 2 bolt mains like the B-body. The Corvette LT1s had 4 bolt mains. And they all had their own unique PCM tune that was different from the Corvette, F-body and the B-body platforms. B-Body factory HP was 260, F-body Camaro and Firebird was 275. Corvette was 300. Actually, the many B-body variants had unique PCM programming. The Impala had it’s own, different from the Caprice, as did the 9C1 police version. My LT1 came from a 96 Impala but I’m running it on a stock 96 9C1 PCM. It was easier to link and calibrate the tach with the 9C1 pcm plus the speed limiter is set a lot higher. Not that I’ll ever investigate that feature.

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