'85 xjs in n. calif

if this is your dream project you can buy me breakfast.
I’m 30 miles from it.

So much invested…you know there’s a sad story attached.

Make it an even $10,000 (USD) and you could have a nice Grand Touring machine. Another $3,500 and you could travel comfortably from Blaine, WA to Key West, FL (3795 mi.). You could really “see the USA with that Chevrolet” engine.

With Doris what’s her name on the 8 track???

Do you mean Dinah Shore? Chevrolet had the “See the USA in your Chevrolet” tune, as well as lyrics, written in 1949 and copyrighted in 1950 as an ad campaign for the Chevrolet Division of General Motors. (It even saw a revival in 2011 as performed by the cast of “Glee”). The 8 track didn’t even exist, until Bill Lear (of Learjet) created and released it in 1964. The timeline of your sociocultural references is a bit misaligned.

You must admit, a “lump” with the proper Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission would make a great touring machine.

You got me. No wonder I could not connect.

There was a four track!!!

And, I dimly, like a lot of stuff, recall 45 RPM players that mounted under dash…

I have a couple of old 8 track players. And somewhere some tapes!!!

Been meaning to construct a means to play them.


hey Carl,
Nowadays someone overhear you saying have a box of 45’s in your car
and they’ll call the cops on ya - Ha

I grew up in Corvallis, OR during the 1960s and recall a 45 rpm phonograph that was mounted beneath the dashboard of a car. That was early in the decade. Talk about taking me back. The Oregon State University campus was my playground and the college students enjoyed interacting with the children/youth of the locals. I graduated from Corvallis High School, (Class of 1973).

In my early days, we were fortunate to have an AM radio in our cars!!! However, the 38 dodge that saw our family through WWII had a radio it worked. the antenie was mounted under a running board. yeah it had those…

  1. I got a job. and a company car. Bare bones. Lucky to have a heater. No radio. We devised methods to use junk yard radios. 6v in to 12v cars… OK with boss. Leave the antenae in when they get traded…