'89 Vanden Plas Heated Seat Wiring

(Richard Palmer) #1

Hi all, I’ve been scouring the web for wiring diagrams for an ‘89 VandenPlas’ seats/heaters. I’m transplanting these into my '86 Vanden Plas so I’m trying to get everything ready to wire up but cant, for the life of me, find the actual 87-89 schematics. I’ve got the harnesses from the seat to power switches, but I’m looking for the schematics for the heater switch specifially (part number DBC4728)It has a 3 pin round Yellow connector and a 6 pin black rectangle connector. Once I figure these out I think i’m in business!! Thanks in advance! -Rick

(Bryan N) #2


You need a copy of the JDHT CD-Rom JHM1130 which contains the appropriate seat heater circuitry.

I’m on my way abroad so no access to my copy right now.

(Richard Palmer) #3

No worries, I finally found the copy I needed and got them working thanks to your post and some re-reading of the diagrams. Have a great day!