'89 XJ40 wipers won't park

Hello all …

The wiper (you’ve got to love the single windshield wiper on this car) works fine, the only problem is it won’t park when I turn it off.

I’ve checked the inline 5 amp fuse under the glove box which powers the wiper park circuit and it’s fine.
Anyone have any details on troubleshooting the cogs in the wiper box attached to the motor?

The cam and/or micro-switch in the wiper motor has failed.
Pull the cover off the motor assy and see what happened.

Does this section from the old Jag-lovers.org XJ40 E-book help?


Thank you gentleman for the response …

It was the wiper parking micro-switch that was at fault. Removed and opened the switch, cleaned the contacts and gave it a squirt of WD40 … good for another 30 years :sunglasses:

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