'90 XJS Vacuum line - Center Vent issue

Hi Jag Gurus -
I have a center vent issue. I have read many archived posts and downloaded manuals and read them. I think I have a vacuum issue and traced the line from the manifold to the back of the radio compartment and found the end of the vacuum line just laying there. I read a post that said that there is a tee that is supposed to be behind the radio compartment for the vacuum actuated solenoids. I see a straight through connector connecting two white (hard) vacuum lines just about where the main vacuum line ends. Is this supposed to be a tee? Or am I looking for something else?

Go to “Jaguar Forums” (not J/L) and search their archives for a thread- “Quick Delenair 3 question.” (Not my spelling.)
That may help. The white supply vacuum line is supposed to be connected to a “T”.
The vac.line to the center vent is black.
There should be a vacuum reservoir in the mix also.

Thanks Dave,

Yes, it is a broken Tee connector. I have one on order. Will update this weekend.

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Hi All,

So the brass tee was too difficult to install so I installed a plastic tee. It was kind of a pain due to the location. One hand through the radio opening and one hand through the right side of the console. I had to remove that vent assembly. Not too bad, just two screws for the cover, then two screws and a little adhesive for the metal duct…

This fixed the center vent issue for me, added benefit was the engine seems to run smoother and has a little more pep!

Was the original issue a centre vent that was always open and blowing warm air? Thanks