91-94 Fuel supply hose and fuel pump canister needed

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find the fuel hose/line that goes from the tank to the fuel filter for my 1993 XJ40; I understand that this part (EBC 8663 was used from 91-94. No commercial outfit has it available for sale. Also, does anyone have an extra fuel pump canister that they would be willing to sell?



Is that the only JAG part number for that part?
Yeah it looks hard to find other than out of stock listing at JAGBITS… It is possible to contact a competent JAG DEALER parts department and see if that number was superseded and or has an older number.
Also contacting some JAG parts suppliers in UK may return dividends… maybe…
You might call Dave Welsh at Welsh enterprises… and SNG Barratt USA has to be a solution somewhere.
Good luck

At Welsh $83 not sure if its OEM,but Id try SNG Barratt USA too