-93 alarm goes off by itself


Hello, i’ve factory security system
(red leds, dome , on/off switch) in my -93 sovereign, problem is that when i leave the car and lock doors manually ( because fob is dead) in about few minutes alarm goes off and door locks start to lock/unlock, headlights and inner lights turn on etc. I have to disconnect main battery to stop this. The security switch inside centre console is off position… also my rear doors dont always open when i unlock the doors… i’ve found lots of topics about this promblem but not really a real reason why this happend?? Battery is brand new…
Help needed. Thanks.

(Joseph) #2

Hi Nikolai!

Check the micro switches on the front door handles. Maybe they’re sticky a bit. Also for some reason the '93-'94 MY cars suffer from cracked solder joints in the relay modules. I’d go trough all of them if I were you. I checked all in my car and I had to resolder quite a few.