'93 sedan - Houston - $75

The ad say it’s an xj6, is that right? I thought there was something that the later years of the III
were all V 12’s

Maybe it’s just me, but I never think an XJ6 looks good in red.

You are correct, because the SIV (XJ40) engine bay wasn’t able to take a V engine they carried the S111 body through so anything post 1988 with a V12 is this body.
And HEY Wiggs my S11 was red :imp:

Ah, but they figured out a way to shoehorn in the 6L V12 in the XJ40 (was the XJ81 for reference) in 1994, requested by management to compete against MB and BMW. I have to say, it’s the best super sedan they ever built, even in comparison to the XJR in both 6 and V8 form. It gets and never stops pulling like a train.

Pic of mine:

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Yes but it had re-tooled engine bay.

Not by much, the inner fender well stampings are identical. The V12 is a very narrow engine / the S3 aperture is tighter than an XJ40.

That’s a S3, likely a late ‘83 as it has the trip computer in the center stack vs. a clock.

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