94 xj6 fuel relay problem

Recently I went to a physical therapy session and when I tried to start my xj6 itwould tyrn over but nor start. I used starting fluid and it started and ran and idled fine. I put my fuel pressure gauge on to check my system and there was no pressure. The pump was not running. The fuel pump is less than a year old so it should be OK. I hope this means that my problem is fuel pump relay… I have looked on line and in my Jaguar workshop repair manual but cannot find a location or or picture of the relay for a 94 xj6. Where is it and what does it look like.

The fuel pump relay is in the boot (trunk), right rear corner behind the right side trim panel:

Mike beat me by a minute!

On the '94, the oxygen heater relay on the firewall will also stop the pump running if it fails, so try swapping that one out too!