95 aj16 xjs high idle

hello everyone
I just finished putting an engine in a project 95 xjs that i have been working since april it idles around 1500 rpm. throttle body has been cleaned , there is no vacuum leak either .
there is no setting for base idle unlike aj6 engine.
I do not know what to do.
I have heard that the tps needs to be adjusted by a pdu and then dle speed with correct itself.
is this true ? how I am going to find a dealer with pdu?
any help would be appreciated.

There’s a shop in Springfield, VA that allegedly still has the PDU.

Other than that, I have found independent shops without the PDU that were able to cure my high idle, but they may not have been the same problem. I’d find a shop that at least knows about Jags and has the Jaguar WDS to see if they can help. I doubt you’ll get the idle to drop without help on this one.

Keep us posted. High idle on AJ16 seems to be the achilles heel on these cars. Its curable, but not by DIY’ers.

thank you Veekay
I will call after holiday , I am in southwest va which is 4 hours away from springfield ,
I have a question for you , do you think that i can take the engine computer from the car with the throttle body to them and get them to adjust it , of course i will be driving my other 95 xjs to their shop so they can install both ecu and throttle body and reset it.
is this logical or it sounds stupid , here is some info i found on the web confirming what you said

I have to be honest with you. They’re not the easiest bunch to deal with. It’s not going to be the easiest transaction.

Before you make the 4 hour trek, I’d find a local mechanic that has Jag Specific software.

that’s a shame , I tought i would finally get this resolved , thanks again
there was a pdu for sale a few months ago on ebay uk with all the connectors for around 700 gbp , i wish i had bought it

I think they can resolve it for you, they have the PDU, but I don’t think they’re going to want to do anything creative, or off the car.

Drive it up, but try to make an appointment in advance. They’ll likely want you to leave the car, but if you tell them you’re from out of town, they should make an attempt to prioritize your car…especially since you need about 20 minutes of their PDU time.

Keep me posted, but again, try to find a closer shop with the Jag WDS.

thanks for the info
I will do all the work before I drop it off , and all they need to do is to reset it , i will call them after holiday to make an appointment , I will let you know what they say.
does the wds do the same thing ?
there is a local shop that works on jaguars , i will call them before i call the other guys ,
would the jag dealer have the wds?

There is probably a loaner system available under the JCNA Tool Loan Program. Might be hefty deposit in case you break it but the actual loan is free.

thanks Peter
I will keep that in mind , I am not worry about the hefty deposit as much as I am worried about the tool being damaged in shipping or feeling responsible for a rare tool.
I have used several of jcna tools before.

Not aware of a loaner PDU

I am not either , Peter said that JCNA may have one for members , i have not checked it yet ,

Hello Veekay
my local jag mechanic sports car clinic was able to reset the throttle adaptation on my daily driver in less than 5 minutes , he used an autologic diagnostic system to do that , xjs was not listed on the menu therefore he used x300 as the car model .
I am very happy , I hope this will help somebody else in future.

First time someone has confirmed that something other than a PDU can reset throttle adaptation!

I’m glad you were able to avoid a lengthy trip to Springfield.

Makes me wonder if I can use an X300 VIN on my WDS and get the same option…will try when I get home. I will post the result.

strange , I would have tought there was a ton of info about this , i wonder what everybody else does when they clean or adjust the throttle body butterfly plate.
I need to start looking for a pdu or anything that can reset the throttle body adaptation.
again thanks for your help

Only other device I am waiting to hear back on is AutoEnginuity. They make a specific Jaguar software pack, so I’m trying to find out of that machine offers this reset option.

Other than that, right now, all I know that can reset fuelling trims is the PDU and this AutoLogic device. One is difficult to find, the other is difficult to afford.

please let me know if autoenginuity works if you ever find out , it seems to be affordable .my mechanic said he paid around 35000 for autologic

Hi Veekay
did you ever hear from autoEnginuity ?

Finally got a response from someone who (spolier alert) wasted the $270 for the Jaguar specific pack.

It doesn’t do squat. It reads a few more PIDs, but does not allow you to reorient sensors, or anything other than read codes.

AutoEnginuity’s Jaguar specific pack is a complete waste of money for the XJS and AJ16 cars.

thank you for the info Veekay