95' X300 a/c compressor cutting out

HI all …

Just talking to friend of mine who owns a 95’ X300. He says that’s his A/C compressor is cutting off at highway speeds and not coming back on (fans continue to operate). Just driving around the neighborhood everything works fine.

Not too long ago I totally rebuilt the entire A/C system in my '89 XJ40 so I’m very up to speed on that system but not the X300. Before I start digging for information does anyone have any input on this that I can pass on ?

So highway speeds, compressor speed would be high for long duration.

I wonder if the system pressure is too high, caused by too much gas in it.

You can get cheap fillers with gauges on these days. Maybe an easy test to measure the normal pressure

Andy …

Not familiar with the compressors used in the '95 model. Is there a high pressure switch that can shut off the compressor and not allow it to reset until … what ?

Any one have any idea how to troubleshoot this problem ?

there is normally a multi pressure switch in the A/C lines.

big silver thing behind the headlight ?

Yes I believe if pressure is too high, first the fans will come on high speed.
Then compressor will be shut down, if pressure continues to rise