95 XJ6 4.0 hard starting

I’m trying to help out my neighbor on this one. He has a 1995 XJ6 4.0 with coil on plug.
The car has about 170,000 miles on it and it’s getting very hard to start. It seems to run OK once he gets it started. It does use some oil. I have replaced all the spark coils and spark plugs, this got it running after he couldn’t start it at all. But it still takes multiple tries And he’s going to wear out his starter… I checked computer codes and there’s nothing to help me except possibly weak catalytic converter‘s. Any suggestions on what to check next. Thanks

It might be the cam position sensor (tells were no1 cly is when starting) or the crank position sensor (tells when to fire once started).
I would swap both if you can.

Good luck.

Cafcpete hit it on the head. I’d start with replacing the Cam Position Sensor. It’s not a common failure, but it sure sounds like it would fit this problem.

The crank position sensor is a more common failure.

Neither are forever parts, so if they’re original and have survived 170k, they owe you nothing.

Are you sure its not a failing non return valve allowing the fuel pressure to leak down? Have you tried the on/off/on/off key routine to build fuel pressure? Before throwing parts at it without codes.

On Jim Butterworth’s site in AJ16 Engine, scroll down to this heading:

Engine Timing the easy way:


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I’d agree that, at 170K, the Crank Position Sensor is the most likely culprit. I had to replace these in my XJ40 and Daimler Six.