95 XJ6 shocks possible replacement

I just took a 4sale 95 XJ6 for a test drive. Experienced quite noticeable “thumping” over bumps.
The shock “bushings” (the rubber/foamy material that always seems to deteriorate) visible from engine bay, are basically gone. In past in other Jags (older JX-40’s) the rubber or whatever the material is were also pretty far gone but I didn’t have the severe “thumping” like on this car I’'m looking at now.
I’m assuming this is part of the problem. The shocks or bushing on the shocks.
The steering rack seems to be fine as alignment seems good and it steers properly. And everything else seems fine on the suspension. But, I haven’t put it up on a lift to look at anything.
Is the Shock replacement not a DIY thing on this year Jag? And generally is the “bottoming out” or thumping noise usually an indication of bad shocks?
Basic cost to replace and install by a backyard mechanic? or a Pro?

When I had the rear shocks done it cost around £300 IIRC also change the springs I didn’t and regretted it!
See Jim Butterworth’s write up:

Hi Neil,

I’m concerned about the front shocks.
I’m looking around the link: http://jimbutterworth.co.uk/8jaguar.htm
But still can’t seem to find anywhere re: front shocks replacement.
Can’t find anything on youtube either. For some reason 95 front shocks never seemed to have any problems. No one’s ever replaced them . :upside_down_face:
I’ll have to take a deeper look and get underneath.
Here’s the link I just discovered…I guess this sort of answers my question re; whether or not this can be done by backyard mechanic.

Gekko, shhhhhhh offer the seller a cheap price, your thumping 9 out of 10 is the REAR FLOATING transmission mount.
I think its 45 dollars.
It makes the car feel like the engine is going to fall out. Look the car is 25 years young.
Get it cheap, change all 4 corners and the transmission mount and go another 200,000 miles!
They are bullet proof!

@j_limongelli I will make a dirt cheap offer. :smiley: The seller is my Brother! He’s asking $2000 but I’m going to offer $1000. Otherwise the car is in really nice cond. And, yea these are the best - (95). Only 115,000 on it!.
Little ol lady was the original owner, mostly garaged.
Yes, the thumping is scary sounding. Definitely metal on metal and does sound like the engine is about to drop out.
I can see the bushings (or whatever that is viewable from inside engine bay) on top of shocks are gone. But, as mentioned I’ve seen those shot before but never experienced the thumping like I did on this model.
It really does sound like it’s coming from the front. You’re suggesting it’s a rear transmission mount?
I’ll check it out.

It is, drive the car and make a slow sharp right turn…You will hear it thump.
Or at stop light turn left or right and hit the pedal, It will bounce the trans against the tunnel. This has a huge spring set up. Easy to replace, it looks very strong but when you put the replacement it will be higher by 25 %
Look at 2 grand or so…go for it I paid 56,000 for my first new, 86,000 for my xjr and the vpd was well over 100,000 back in the day.
25 years means NOTHING TO AN X300.

Are you suggesting replacing the springs? or just mentioning that they are “huge”?
Also re: “Look at 2 grand or so” You talking about the offer and value of car? Or the cost to fix the car?
I think I can get the car for $1000 which is a steal for sure. So, if it’s that easy to fix the thumping, i’m definitely going for it. Just not clear whether you’re also suggesting replacing the spring? or?

The transmission mount is a spring with a rubber ring.
Your not changing the 4 corner springs…just the rear transmission spring, its a floating mount , thats why when new it was very quiet when you went over bumps.
Trust me drive it again go over speed bumps at around 10 mph it will thump up the tunnel.
The mount is under 100 dollars.
You support the tail section with a jack then drop the center section, the spring and rubber just drop out.
Good luck.

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Got it, Thanks very much!

Yes Ideally like others have said, changing all springs and shocks will transform the car but for now, enjoy the ride…

Referring to this as a spring?
These seem to be the rear trans mount for 95’s

I’ve done plenty or “diy” jag repair. This seems to be doable in my garage.

I knew it was somewhere!
X300 E Book 9.1:

Ahhh, thanks @Neil_Maldon

Gekko those look to be the side ones
The rear has a spring

OK, still not seeing a part with a spring included. I’ve got to go get underneath the car and take a looksee.

? Here’s a single spring…


There you go!
There should be rubber rings at wash end as well
It will transform the drive

Well after all this. I took it for a real test drive and should have arrived at this conclusion earlier.
It’s definitely the front shocks/struts. It’s easily heard coming from the front. Bushings on the top are gone.
A mechanic friend drove with me to confirm.
He’s replaced shocks on similar suspensions so has the experience to know the problem source.
And, he’s got the spring compressor tool which will help me to finish the job myself.

Thanks for the help!

Unless you plan on changing the springs you can change the shocks without touching the springs.

Really, Ok, that’s good to know. I thought one had to compress the big coil springs to help get the shocks accessible.
BTW, I’m doing this on the cheap. Just replacing the upper bushing/isolator “rubber” pieces. I’m hoping just these bushings will be the fix. I just bought these : https://www.sngbarratt.com/English/#/us/search/results?query=MMD2144AA&pageNo=1&excludeTurnedDown=false&saveBranch=US
The rear were out of stock. So, doing it on the super cheap. Maybe, if needed, I’ll get to the rear when in stock. AND, if it’s needed, replace shocks, and do it properly. :grinning:

The rear: https://www.sngbarratt.com/English/#/us/search/results?query=MMD2144AA&pageNo=1&excludeTurnedDown=false&saveBranch=US