95 XJ6 wont smog

I’ve just managed to fix my front end suspension issues via help here on the forum, thanks to all!
Now the hard part. Getting it smogged here in Calif.
115,000 miles on it and it’s been sitting in garage since 2018.
I’ve just about run out the tank and will add new gas and additive.
During interim with existing gas, I’ve tried 3 different times and haven’t had any luck with smog tests. Yet to get an OBD to test for errors.
My last (well second to last option) option is to take it to a jag $peciali$t. Not what I want to do.
Last option is to take it out of state. :frowning:
Any body know of any tricks?

Just got it scanned at O’Reillys.
Got the P0240 code. Next, on to getting my own scanner after I run some fresh gas and additive.
I’ll do the temperature test of the cat. converter with external temp tester first and on to the next troubleshooting from there.

YES…I had the same issue in new york…
replace all 4 o2 sensors…
Just do it, they will wake up the evap loop cycle and reset.
Some get fouled. Try it, I think you will be happy, you have to do at least 50 miles with 3/4 tank of gas or LESS…The evap wont run at full tank.
good luck