97 XJ6R decision time? maintenance at 98000 miles

(richard griffiths) #1

Been a while since I posted after the fiasco with the ECM last spring. As the old gal is approaching 100K and I’m not feeling like crawling around under cars any more I bought oil and filter and trotted off to a local friendly indie so I could have a good look underneath, she has recently started to drip PS fluid on the floor. My finding as follows:-

!. PS- Cross beam totally awash, all hoses showing fluid on surfaces and drips at the lowest point of the pressure hose. Fluid blown all the way back to the rack, but seals appear OK no ballooning of the gaiters etc.
Cleaned up best we could for future inspection but will probably need new feed, return and pressure hoses $$$

  1. LH Frt wheel brgs excessively loose and readjusted.

  2. Need charger new drive belt, upper idler brg worn lower also but not as bad; two new brgs required $$

  3. Excessive tire wear on inside edge of RH rear; possible four wheel alignment check and adjustment required and new tires after about 5000 more miles. $$$$

  4. Excessive power plant movement; rear mount bushing appears to be failed and possible broken spring. $$$

  5. Weeping oil at RH side of valve cover, this really pisses me off since I had it changed in the spring when I found oil in the plug wells.$$

So now a decision to make; looks like another $1500 at least on a 21 year old Jag worth about $3000, and bearing in mind having spend about $1650 on it already this year do I fix it or go looking for a later XJ or XF?.

Feliz Navidad

(j limongelli) #2

Your at the cross roads,Its worth it but your tired.
Nothing else looks like it today, or………
Give it away to a YOUNG KID who likes it for pennies on the dollar. The reward is great.
1 grand to 3 grand, your call. Ive been doing that lately
Nice to see someone new run with it.
Just my 2 cents.
You know more is going to break its 21 years old.

(gary breyer, 09 X358 LWB Sovereign, Liquid Silver/Warm Charcoal. Ex Ministerial car.) #3

Put me down for your E Type!!

(Rodney ) #4

Other than the tyres there doesn’t seem to be anything that is prohibitively expensive and you will have to go a long way to find another car that looks, performs and satisfies like an XJR.

(j limongelli) #5

You’ll see…

We thought of this idea about 10 years ago in the model a and t club as all of our wwII uncles and dad’s were getting old and could not care for the cars

(j limongelli) #6

Sorry guys half my response got cut off………Anywho
Its your car, but unless its a Picasso/Etype / Ferrari GTO /Cobra, all these others are becoming old washing machines.
Its your car but you asked………
Hey My father in law passed away last year we found his Dumont television tubes, just in case one goes…
Anyone want to buy these rare items?
You understand………
Good luck.

(j limongelli) #7

That’s “buy” a Picasso not but