99 xk8 coupe low fluid level notice

(Robert Moore) #1

i’m getting a notice that my fluids are low, but when I check the radiator, the level is ok. any idea’s on what is causing this? I just got my 99 xk8 coupe, I’ve had a convertible in the past, never got that notice on the screen before

(Grahame Loader) #2

Check the washer fluid level. I confused the icon on my XJ40 with the rad level and it drove me nuts, till I figured it out.

(Robert Moore) #3

They are saying I need to replace tank ex? Whatever that is? Fluid level is full on radiator and wipers.

(Grahame Loader) #4

Who is saying that? I believe on mine, there is an expansion tank down in the fender and because it is low down, relies on suction to bring up reserves, when the level drops. Look at an exploded diagram on one of the Jag parts web sites to confirm this.

(Garry) #5

I have the same problem, it is the sender unit in the header tank. Easy to replace, do not have to drain the anti-freeze. Header tank is held by a single screw and lifts up, you can access the sender unit underneath without removing any pipe work, it just pulls out.