A bit of a drip


I have a 2011 XJL with a little issue when it rains. There is a small vent in the headlining, just above the the driver’s right ear (RHD car) and when it rains I get a few drops of water from here upon closing the door. I suspect it comes from the sunroof area, but would appreciate some help from anyone who has had and solved this problem. Thanks.


(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

I don’t know the X351 layout but if it is similar to the X300/308 sunroof there are drains at each corner which may have become blocked. It can also cause water to run down the A &C pillars and onto the Electronic Modules, the ECU being often the worst affected.

(BobboSD) #3

If I remember correctly ours were mostly blocked at the bottom and easy to free up with an old speedometer cable. I think I had to remove or loosen the wheel well liner to gain aces to the lower end of the drain tubes. It’s been a long time and we don’t have that vehicle any longer so perhaps check the workshop manual to be sure of the locations the bottom of the drain tubes.



Thank you Neil and Bobbo for your replies. I turns out that the leak stems from a recent windscreen replacement gone wrong. I’m off to have words with the installers.