A Farewell to Jaguars

Wow. I’ve only been on this forum for a couple years, but I really appreciated your advice (and first-hand photos!)
I selfishly hope that you stay active on the JL forum, Geo.

I wish you all the best in your new home!

- Tom -

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I have never met you George but I have always appreciated your thoughtful contributions to the discussions. Wishing you the best of luck in your Jaguarless future.

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Oh my! George, I was always hoping I’d get back out to Tucson to meet you. Life does move along, and us with it, whether we like it or not. Of course my response was to buy a small house and build enough garage to house 6 cars. So, there’s that option!

Take car friend and please stay in touch. -Scot

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Good luck with your transition. I never met you, but as I am a Jag-Lovers E-Type list member for over 20 years I have enjoyed your posts and advice on numerous occasions.
I made a transition myself, from California to South Carolina two years ago, and sold three of my six Jaguars before the move. Luckily we found a wonderful place to live with a garage large enough to house my remaining Jaguars and parts and tools. I am glad that you found a good home for your E-Type with a family member. This is a concern of mine when the time comes.
Best of luck in the future and I hope you stay a member of this list and chime in when you can.


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Wow. Life for us in our age zone changes at warp speed. George, you’ve made a huge contribution to this forum, and I hope it will continue in the future. All the best

Terry Sturgeon


Geo… I’m in a little different place, 84 yrs old, but looking for a house,or Building one with enought garage space to keep my 3 jags in… lots of nice houses with shops etc, but haven’t found a house I thought I could live in… guess I’m just gonna have to build my place… told my wife she could bury me in my Etype…(LOL) but if not, the money would make her last yrs more fun… take care, and enjoy the rest of your life… it’s all too short… Don


George, time marches on and none of us are as young as we used to be. I am sure you have put the utmost consideration into your decision and I wish you all the best.

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Around here that would be the only option. Small houses with large garages/shops are far from the norm. The norm are McCastles with dinky little attached garages. The garages are normally filled with cast offs and junk while the expensive cars sit out in the rain and snow and glaring sun.

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You must be in So CA. Not McCastles but 3 car garages filled with $500 worth of junk while 2 if not more $30-$50k cars sit in the driveway. Makes me crazy.


Remember this?

How’s the new lifestyle treating ya?

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The first time we drove that road, it was not as wide, and there was no brim all along the down-clif side of the road at all. I’m glad I won’t live to see it become a freeway with motels along the route.

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.

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Go well, Geo

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You are moving forward,
Your jag is going to a family member that will move it forward
Knowing you, you will replace the jag with something else that will give you the same satisfaction.
I would not be surprised if you tell us you are now building classic wooden scale models of sailboats or playing a musical instrument
You will be fine good luck
We all will be at the same crossroad sooner or later

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8 months later! Well, life has indeed moved on.

I sold my house and moved to a smaller place. More practical but also quite pleasant. The homebuyer wanted the lift so we did a deal on that. No one had to wrench anything.

My new garage is just big enough to handle an oil change and putting air in tires… but both my cars are German so that’s about all I need.

The E-Type got to my nephew in Indiana where it can be loved and bring joy for some time to come. He has found his way to this Forum and I saw you all graciously welcomed him (I expected no less).

My travel these days is by air rather than road, usually to a place with an ocean. Kayaking and snorkeling when I get there.

This was a ride up Mt Lemmon in July for the official handing over of the keys. His son (center, operating the drone that took the pic) just got his learner permit last week.

Thanks again for all the adventures and memories. E-Types and (more importantly) the people who drive them have always been dear to me.


Well Geo, im just catching this thread. Why didnt anyone on the last OL tell me? I enjoyed our trips together and your alter ego ‘Joe Lucas’ will be missed.

If you ever want to join another OL, you are welcome to drive one of mine. I have one or two or five to share.


It has brought us tremendous joy with regular drives on the beautiful rural roads around us. Our boys got us t-shirts to match the car for my birthday.

It was quite a memorable ride that I will always cherish. I followed Uncle Geo and my son going up and I was able to snap a few photos.

Heading to Mt Lemmon

A breathtaking cut

Heading into a twisty (only snagged the edge of the sign)

Another breathtaking view for this flatlander from Indiana

A rather unique perspective thanks to my son’s drone

Looking forward to adventures, memories and getting to know everyone in this great community.


Thanks for the reminder about that trip: I only did it once, back in 1997, when I was at Biosphere II.

I find myself going through a similar albeit not quite as drastic change of life, courage my friend…

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So true Lloyd, the last time I drove it I took a pretty good hit to the downpipe on Emmy. Good memories never the less!

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t see the original post till today, it looks like you’ve successfully made the transition-congratulations! A lot of good memories of our 'OL’s together.

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