A Farewell to Jaguars

It’s been said that life is in the transitions and for me a significant one is about to occur. I am selling my home which is much too large for one person and I will be looking for a smaller residence which, by necessity, will have a much smaller garage.

The lack of storage for the car and space for the equipment I am accustomed to using to maintain it make continued E-Type enjoyment unworkable.

My Series 2 E-Type will be moving to the Midwest to a family member who has always admired it and knows his way around cars. Meanwhile, I will be without a British roadster for the first time in more that 50 years.

This was the last of my 3 E-Types and the one that took me the farthest and brought me together with so many enthusiasts around the American West - most notably on the great Oil Leaks in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona and Montana.

My thanks to all of you for the great times, excellent advice and priceless camaraderie through this past decade of driving adventures.



Well, you let me know where the new digs are, and Jaguar of not, I’ll still buy the burritos when down your way!

Moving ahead…

Gee, I didn’t expect to read anything like this tonight. Best wishes, Geo, whatever you do and where ever you go.

Best wishes George from downunder…… stay on the forum…I enjoy your sage words of advice

Best wishes Geo, I’m in a similar situation, but looking for a smaller house with a large enough garage. Not having too much luck so far!
Enjoy your move, I think you’re lucky enough to keep tabs on your baby.

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Yes, time moves on and I guess we must too. Sorry to hear you are selling with regrets. For what it is worth, I have always had a two car garage. One space is for my wife’s car. The other is for one of my older cars. I have several. I keep them at a storage place and bring one home at a time to use or work on. I have often considered that I should have more garage at home, but never decided it was worth it. I have always worked quite well in the one car space I have. Your car appears to be in great shape and should only require normal work. IMO, if you really regret getting rid of it, store it in the winter, bring it home a few months in the summer and enjoy it.
Either way, best of luck.

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Any decent older neighborhoods where you live ? I live by myself in the Heights neighborhood very close to downtown Houston with my 4 cars. Many 1000 sq ft type bungalows on 50’x 100’ lots. I have a decent size 2 car garage and 2 car carport that I often think about expanding. I bought it long ago when things were cheap. Family and friends tell me I should cash out now but this is the only neighborhood I can think of with a good selection of small homes on small lots but decent garage space too. Terrible place to drive an E though since it is miles from any good roads.

68 E-type FHC

Hi George, it is a shame that life does not always follow a path we can choose. I hope that you can stay in touch. I still have very fond memories of visiting the gang in Tucson and glad I could be a small part of your XKE experience. I wish you the best, Dick Maury

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Just want to add my voice to those wishing you all the best. You’re approaching this transition with characteristic grace.

I suspect I’m just a bit younger than you, but you are kind of a role model for me. Your super neat garage, well maintained cars, and your zeal for using them! Some time in the not too distant future I’m going to need/want to sell a few cars, and I hope I will know when the time is right, as you seem to.

I do hope you won’t leave us.

Vaya con Dios, Alan


Good luck to you George! Had the same drill, sold the E ten years ago soon after selling my home and moving into a 1000 sq ft. condo but still dabble here, its my vicarious Jaguar ownership. Several years before I actually sold it I realized that loss of the comradery and culture might be worse than not having the actual car. Staying with Jag-Lovers helps let us down easily.


Your news came as a shock to me, but I’m sure that you thought long and hard about the decision, and are doing the right thing. It’s great to hear that your wonderful E will be going to a good home. I should thank @Wiggles for coming up with the idea of the first Oil Leak which resulted in our paths crossing on subsequent Leaks. Those annual trips have been the highlight of my E-Type ownership, and I always look forward to renewing our friendship on them. The cars are fun, but it’s the people we meet along the way that make the hobby so enjoyable. I hope that you will stay in touch and continue to offer your sage advice when you have time. All the best to you!


“Time and tide waits for no man” I imagine how difficult this decision must have been - I have from time to time considered what the sale of Bettie would mean to my life. So far I have had the space and the means to keep her and maintain her, but it grows more and more difficult with each year.

The comradery and fun we share in our love of E-Types is still present here on the forum so please stay present here for as long as you like.

Best wishes that you next chapter is a good one!


George! You are the first person I “met” here and I am still grateful for the side reflector you sent… along with some pretty great comments and advice along the way. I hope you’ll still pop in here, but in the meantime will just say best wishes and good luck with the next chapter.

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Hi George,
I, too, hope that you continue to contribute to this forum with good advice for those of us less knowledgeable than you, especially since I also have a 1969 series 2 OTS.
Good luck to you,

Best wishes in your new digs. Good news that your car will go to family…I’m sure many of us will find ourselves there at some point. Please do continue to post and help the rest of us out!

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Geo, as a “new guy” to this forum over the past few years I regret seeing you go. Here I am at 70+ years old and still trying to get my '70 E-Type on the road after it sat dormant with the PO for close to 15 years. You have helped me immensely on this journey and if and when the car rolls under its own power I hope to drive it until I can no longer drive at all. Then it will go to one of my 2 sons, likely the highest bidder! Best wishes in whatever comes your way.


Did not expect to read this but, based on your methodical approach and grounded advise you have always given, I am sure you have thought long and hard before making this decision and are doing the right thing for Geo. Plus, without an E, you’ll have more JL time to keep in touch.
Either way good luck in your chapter.

Ah, well, I’ve been contemplating the eventuality myself, not looking forward to it. All the best, Geo. Thanks for all your insights and advice, and keep in touch. Nick.


God speed you on what ever path you choose. don’t be a stranger here. You still have much to share.
I think of you with great appreciation every time I jack up this ******* car using your wood block idea

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To both me personally, and to the broader J-L group, you have been kind, helpful, thoughtful, patient, and wise - attributes I have tried to teach my kids to possess. I appreciate your personality, thank you for your help, admire your strength and character, and respect your commitment to our hobby.

I hope you find a new home which serves you well, and, selfishly, I hope that you continue to be a part of this amazing community.

Thanks for being awesome!