A Good Looking Car

I’ve had an XJ40 and an X300 in the past and I really like the look of the XJ40. At the time, there was a lot of criticism of the looks; negatively comparing it’s straight lines to the S III curves. I found when getting out of a S III and into an XJ40, it was immediately noticeable you were in a modern car. The looks are still sharp today.


Hi Graham,
I too love the straight-edge XJ40 look. I highly recommend Nigel Thorley’s model history, sumptuously illustrated with photos of the car and tracing its origins, development and release. The book is a great read - published by Haynes.
And if any body gets sniffy about the car’s looks, just tell them that the XJ40:was the last Jaguar design to be personally signed off by Sir William Lyons himself - top that.
All the best and keep safe,