A little help on rear springs

Replacing the rear springs and shocks (dampers) on my 1993 4.0l convertible with Sportspack. My Parts manual shows CCC6143 for the springs. I am guessing this was superseded by JLM11569 as this is the number I have found from several locations including a post from 2001 by sbobev (Steve). Just trying to make sure I get the right ones as anyone that has them shows they are for the 76 to 87 XJS. If anyone can shed some light on this please chime in.

Ok, like I do not have the sportspack suspension as my Prod date is 9/92 and Vin is 186XXX. Looks like it will be the CBC 2793 springs which I can get from some local gent who a couple years ago ordered the wrong ones for a Jag he owned. He’s even got he invoice and is charging me what he paid which is a good bit less than I can get them for now. If I am still wrong feel free to let me know.


The only right ones, unused are sitting in someone’s garage for about minimum of15 years.

There are no right ones, everything now is made to blueprint from similar materials, with similar-ish outcome. Forget about perfect ride height, just buy whatever’s available and compensate with boot toolbox load…

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Yeah, the archives, here and elsewhere, are full of ride height problems after spring replacement. As mentioned, everything being sold today is right-“ish”.

Unless you really, really need to replace your springs I’d leave well enough alone, personally

Others will chime in


I just believe that due to the age and the current height and look that I may be well served changing both shocks and springs. Springs are original and have been supporting the weight on bad shocks for quite a while. Geuss I will have have to just do it and settle for as close as possible.

Consider the Gaz shocks with adjustable spring perches. Then you can set the height to whatever you want.

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The manual has all the info for measuring the ride height. Check it out before you reach any conclusion or start changing springs without end.
For the SIII saloon it’s 189mm +/- 6mm to the Sub Frame Differential Plate, don’t know if it’s different or the XJS.

You can expect it to be 5mm or so lower if the shocks have lost all their gas.