A message for Grooveman!

(David Martin) #1

Hi Grooveman, you mentioned that you made some mods to the ducting on 89 xj40, and to let you know if I ever pulled the dash! Well it’s off! Any suggestions?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

One mod I did on mine, borrowed from another lister, possibly Groove.
Flapper plates in the lower ducting for when one of the blower motors fail (when, not if)

(Grooveman) #3

David …

Check your “89 Dashboard Removal” post

The flapper plates (doors) that Robin is talking about aren’t associated with the dash top, they’re installed in the air outlet of the 2 fan assemblies. installed in such a manner that the air flow holds them open and it the fan fails the door swings down and prevents the other fan’s airflow from blowing into the failed fan assembly instead of up into the evaporator. This gives you some airflow out of the vents instead of almost nothing.