A Pile of Parts. Now What?

Through a set of circumstances, I have inherited a pile of parts that was formerly an assembled V-12 engine from an XJ12 (Block stamped 7P4695LB as best I can read through the grime). The pile also had a BW12 transmission buried in it. So I assume it was built somewhere between '72 and '78. I have a SIII XJ6 VDP but it won’t be going in that. I have already read a number of threads here to help figure out what I have. Engine (from the pile of components) appears mechanically straightforward.

Would love to reassemble it, EFI it, and mate it to a WC T5 I have lying around. But no vehicle waiting for it.

In any case, just wanted to make an introduction and start prowling about in the open.

Greetings from Iowa, USA

I’m in!

I have an XJ12C that sits in my shop awaiting its place after my current project gets its engine fitted.