A puzzling occurence

A couple of days ago I parked my car [ 4 litre 199 S TYpe] on the front lawn at my brother’s place and locked it Later when I went back out all four windows were right down , the sunroof was open and the car unlocked.
A small aount of$ in the car untouched , so I don’t think it was some sort of break in. Is there any program in the cars that can open all these at the same time?
Triggered by someone else’s remote control?

There is indeed a remote unlock/windows down/sunroof open feature, triggered by your own remote if you hold it to unlock more than about 3 or 4 seconds.
Or maybe if you put it in your pocket and then bend down to tie your shoes.
Once it starts this trick, you can stop it before the windows are all the way down by pushing the button again.
I found it handy when coming out of the office on hot days, a few seconds before reaching the car.


Thanks ,I’ll go and play with it.
Hopefully I will eventually progress to being able to set the radio stations : >)

Ed, With your memory for songs of the past , Will the station be AM?
Peter B

My favourite radios , Radiomobile 100 { and Philco for the SS1] only have AM.

Hi All,
I had this happen to 1 of my company lease cars. The key FOB unlock button must have been pushed in my pocket and all the windows went down. When I went out to the car the next morning the interior was soaking wet as it had rained the night before. Being that I would for the auto company I took the car to the company garage where they dried out the car and disabled the feature. I guess it happened to several cars with the new style key FOB


You clearly butt unlocked it…:wink:

Another trick these cars can pull on us is when the trunk (boot) won’t open with the remote. After checking all the fuses and relays and studying the owner’s handbook for awhile, I realized I had stuffed a whole lot of junk in the glovebox, and when I closed it, the valet button was pushed in, disabling the trunk remote unlock.

Yup … that is exactly what happened to me with my trunk [boot]. $106.00 later for a tech to find this problem for me and flick the switch :angry:

On the “all windows open” trick … I had no idea about this and I have owned my S-Type for many years. I am now going to check my owners manual just for fun.