A radio for my etype

Hello everybody , im new in this forum
I restore a 1962 etype and i wonder what sort of radio to put inside
A blaupunkt ou a becker ?
I try to find a becker mexico tr from 1964 or a blaupunkt frankfort tr from 1962
Is it realistic to put a becker radio ? Or must the radio be automatically a blaupunkt

I’m not sure about the radio, but welcome to the forum. It’s an invaluable place for E-Type info and I’m sure you will have your answer soon.


Hello Herve and Welcome. One source of information is the Jaguar E-Type Six Cylinder Originality Guide by Haddock and Mueller. Pictures in that book show Blaupunkt installed in one instance, model unknown. Another picture shows a “Playmate” branded radio. Those were English and made by World Radio Limited London.

Whether those were factory, dealer or owner installed isn’t stated.

Welcome Herve. If you search forum.etypeuk.com online you will end up on a British site. Once there go to the series 1 section and then search the factory fit 3.8 heading. You will find everything you want to know about e type radios there.

Welcome…. Not sure where you are located but these radios were usually fitted by the dealers…. So depending on where you are may determine the type of radio.

There are company’s in Europe that modernise the internals so that you can have best of both worlds

Well sorry for that , im located in france ( europe)
My car is coming from us so i would like to find a radio who was sold for the 3.8 etype in 1962

Agree, the Blaupunkt installed in my ‘67 was I installed by a radio specialist near the dealership that sold the car, so you could make an argument that just about any radio available at the time could have found it’s way into an E-type.

Welcome to JL. A Frankfurt is probably a realistic option. I believe it was released by that time. Since they were dealer added, it’s anyone’s guess. The book John mentions has a lot of photos of ones that have been catalogued as original but I doubt it is comprehensive. I put a Koln in mine, and it would probably be incorrect as I think it came out a year or two after my 64. It looks the part though.

I just found a date code list for Blaupunkt radios on a Porsche forum. But no one is going to tear apart your dash to read a date code.

1955 - 1956 - R
1956 - 1957 - K
1957 - 1958 - S
1958 - 1959 - G
1959 - 1960 - Q
1960 - 1961 - D
1961 - 1962 - E
1962 - 1963 - T
1963 - 1964 - U
1964 - 1965 - V
1965 - 1966 - W
1966 - 1967 - X
1967 - 1968 - Y
1968 - Z
1968 - 1969 - A or B
1969 - 1970 - B, then 7 630
1970 - 7 630
1971 - 7 631
1973 - 7 633
1974 - 7 634
1975 - 7 635

far im looking , becker’s radio were not put into the us etype and the blaupunkt was

So i probebly go with the blaupunkt

Thanks everyone

My original Blaukpunkt

has an X which is correct for my 1966 S1

This is the dealer-installed Blaupunkt in my ‘67, and the manual.

If you are really interested in a factory supplied radio they do exist. This is an internet photo as mine is not accessible right now. I believe they are rebranded Radiomobiles. Mine was sourced from a Mark 10 and is slightly more modern than the one pictured but still branded Jaguar.

My FHC, 887030, built September 26, 1962 came with this Blaupunkt Frankfurt. No doubt dealer installed. It is restored, not modernized, and ready to go. Only the speakers have been changed out.
BTW, Michael Frank’s website has a lot of information on these vintage radios. Also, FYI, Turnswitch.com will modernize these radios.

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I would suggest you contact Ingo at vintageblau.com.

thank you all, i choose the blaupunkt frankfurt TR de luxe , i find a dealer next to me who sell vintage radio


Hello, are you still searching for a radio? I have a 1962/63 Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe radio serie T available. Radio is complete with booklet and the very rare Original yellow plastic bag with the Blaupunkt stamp.