A shoutout to Longstone tyres UK

Ordered 5 Michelin XWX 205R14s and inner tubes for a 4.2 Mk10 om March 9th.
Arrived in Marthas Vineyard, MA, (an island to those not familiar) on the 14th and installed on rims the next day.
Tires were perfect, manufactured late 2022, price was as good as can be expected and shipping was FREE, yes that’s right, FREE.
No duty payable, yes no duty.
Absolutely bloody incredible service and shipping speed.
Sent by Pacelforce UK and handed off to USPS at JFK New York
Hat’s off to them, well done Longstone!

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Well done.
I have those on 3 cars. They are sensational. They last 10 yrs or more. Correct size, pattern, rubber, suspension wise etc.
Just make sure the front tyre alignment is correct.

Indeed, I am! It’s where one of the worlds finest luthiers resides… :slight_smile:

Do tell, who would that be ??

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The guy who just recently restored my guitar partner’s very rare 612 Guild…

Interesting. Scipio was in San Diego for a time with Bozo, who both must have known Yuris Zeltins at the Blue Guitar. That’s where I got my first guitar and started taking lessons. Small world.

Back to Longstone, their videos are very informative. Dougal helped me select the tires for my 150.