A V8 Norton? Be Still, My Heart!

I’m sure @PeterCrespin knows of this… I love Millyard’s videos, and this is one reason why!

I love the front fork design, with the annular disc brake!

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I didn’t have you down as a cherry cake baker.

I wonder if with some careful manoeuvring one could remove the front wheel by unbolting the brake disks and axle.

I plugged that into Google Translate… and it laughed!


I figure if Millyard sez it has to be done a certain way… he’s correct.

The fork, the brake, and the whole bike are works of art. Not sure about the cake or the guy watching its preparation.

The fork design is ingenious but would be an absolute pain for regular maintenance. Replace a tyre, sure just remove the forks and split them, replace seals, etc, etc.

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