A very crooked Jaguar dealership?

I have posted here before about my Certified F type purchase in January of 2020.
Jaguar records showed that after three years and 12K miles the oil was never changed. I was able to get a $5000. credit on my credit card after contesting purchase.
Carfax wants me to update their records. I purchased the car with 12K miles on odo yet Carfax is showing that oil changes were done prior to my purchase and a smog check was done at 16K miles and other services done at 15K miles. If oil changes were done why would the dealer not contest the $5000. credit?
Either the Carfax service records are not correct or this dealer rolled back the odo readings? I have requested Carfax to do an investigation and will wait and see what they come up with, or I may hear nothing?
Ownership of dealership has changed so there is little I can do in the event of fraud.
I am happy with the car and I am not concerned about resale but being deceived is not appreciated.

Double check the vin number it might be mixed up with another number
2. Sometimes they post the STATED interval times for service not the actual.
3. My Jags all new went in for oil changes 1 year or 12 to 15, 000 miles.
I leased of course.
4. Sadly Jaguar service and customer relationship has been trained, NOT to cater to the client.
Its a path of least resistance approach.
Its terrible.
If MY dealer/owner friends were not at the dealer any longer, I would not have purchased my last 3 Jags/land rover.
HONDA, KIA, TOYOTA, HYUNDIA all do a bend over backwards approach to customer satisfaction.
Sad to say but true. there might be one or two but overall, Jag/ Land Rover has seen MUCH better days.

Which does happen.

I spent 30 years at dealerships and could tell ya some crazy stories about VIN mix-ups. Simple human error but sometimes with significant legal consequences.


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There may be an innocent explanation. Or maybe not. Anyhow, I’ve oft wondered the method used to transfer data from the service facility to Carfax. I’ve never worked for a dealer that participated in Carfax so I don’t know. Carfax asking you to correct the records seems a little odd but…whatever.

Who gave you the credit?

Hard to comment on this without knowing how the credit came about, where it exactly it came from, the conversations that occurred, etc.


Here is a scenario that may explain the discrepancy; I worked in dealership service departments for 40 years and saw this many times-
When a manufacturer offers maintenance as part of purchase or lease, the only way they have to pay for each visit is through whatever warranty payment method they have to their dealers. Each service visit is assigned a labor operation code and time allowance.
The customer doesn’t come in at the interval that is set up in the warranty payment system, most customers come in early. Dealer doesn’t want to turn business away, so they use the next available labor operation code to get paid, which results in labor codes reflecting higher miles than when they were actually performed.
It is the manufacturers that share the service info with Carfax…at least that’s how it was done at FCA/Chrysler.

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I had a similar experience with my 2017 that Mr. King described. The car had its required oil change at 16000, but by an oil change place, not the dealer. Why is a mystery, since that service would have been covered by jlr. I bought the car with 26K miles this past fall. 2020, and immediately brought it to local jlr dealer. He did the servicing, but wrote it up as the 32000 mile service. Not a big stretch, and with the 5 yr part of my warranty expiring this coming March, a reasonable approach for them to get paid.
As for the discrepancies that Glenn has described, I am curious as to who did all the oil changes, smog & services? Was it the same dealer? And so maybe the same way to get paid? If not, a totally disreputable operation that I would distance myself from ASAP.