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For the Jaguar E-Type, also known as the Jaguar XKE. Introduced to universal acclaim in 1961, manufactured through 1974.

what is the best Delco alternator for a s2 etype

I can never rember the model…1O5 sumpin come
to mind!!!

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Delco 10S fits the Series I; I assume that it would fit the series 2 also, but its output is only 40 amp. so if you need a 60 amp this wouldn’t do.

can someone help me? what’s the best gearbox oil for my 1962 etype? With the current oil (a modern oil for gearbox) the synchro works badly in both 2a and 3a!

Redline MT90 brought new life into my e-type 1966 gearbox.


…but your '66 has the all synchro box, whereas Marco’s '62 has the Moss box. The general opinion on this forum is that Redline MTL is best for the Moss gearbox, whereas Redline MT90 suits the all Synchro box.



It is 10SI for a 1969 Corvette P/N 721-12N. It is a 3 wire 63 amp internally regulated.

Big fingers The correct part number for the alternator is 7127-12N

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