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For discussing the Jaguar XJ-S, introduced in 1975 and made through 1996. Also the XJ220, 1992 - 1994.

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(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #2

Why would the XJ220 be included in this forum?

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #3

Great question Kirby…should be placed in concept/experimental/developmental/limited production machines…??? Malcom Sayer had little to do with the project AIR. 6cyl turbo engine probably almost killed the whole thing off inspite of a great engine, etc. Where are the XJ15’s…raced in their own class for $1mil in Monaco…bunch of them…at least 2 in OZ …Jordan Roddy imported one from Japan and restored it and sold before he ever got to race it.

(ronbros) #4

honestly it does not belong with other jaguar cars , and i do not know where it should be.

except in my garage!

(Bleasie) #5

For so many years the XJ220 has gone unnoticed mainly because they did not have a home by nature of their name XJ220 it speaks for its self it belongs to the XJ Register & belongs with the XJ-S’s
Jaguar Supercar Register XJ220/ XJR 15.

(wytchdoktor1) #6

because kirbert…why not? :slightly_smiling_face:
after all…the v12 was supposed to go into it and btw…those electro/hydro boosted rakes still suck but not as bad as before. it tiik some work.

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #7

If an XJ220 were the only Jaguar I owned, I’d be mucho upset about having to subscribe to the XJ-S list and be inundated with the torrent of discussion that have zero relation to my car.

Here’s a better idea: There’s a “Racing” forum, isn’t there? The XJ220 belongs there.