About the XK category

For discussing the post-war Jaguar XK-120, XK-140, XK-150 and XKSS.

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I presume this “About…” heading will eventually be placed at the head of the page, where new visitors will see it. I suggest this:

For discussing the Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 produced from 1948-1961.
Also the C-Type, D-Type, Lister-Jaguar and other racers, specials and replicas from the 1950s using Jaguar engines.

(Just to make it more clear to owners of modern XKs and redirect them to their own forum.)

This category is for discussions of the history, original specifications, restoration, original parts and features, reproduction spare parts, modifications, operating and maintenance of the 1948-1961 cars.


Looking for a category for XK8 and XKR and can’t find one. Can it be added? G.

Yes there is an XK8/XKR forum XK8 - Jag-lovers Forums

Thanks: actually found it. Not sure though how to post questions on this site. Mgboy.!