AC Clutch Test Leads Suggestion?

Ahoy !
2002 4.0L V8 Naturally Aspirated
Air Conditioner clutch does not engage though, freely spins. So, thought I’d make a pair of test leads and power the clutch directly from a test bench battery.
Right from the start I hit a problem in that the electrical contacts in the clutch socket are smaller than anything in my “electrical testing stuff”.
Has anybody made test leads for an AC clutch/What did you use?
Any suggestions anyone ?
(Yes, the 10 amp fuse is good.)
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Richard Cielec
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ps: Attended a car show a short while ago and saw the “missing” C-Type XKC 023. Gorgeous ! - RC

Why not just ‘jumper’ the #8 relay in the front power distribution box???


Re: Jump No. 8 Relay - Yes, that seems better method. Did not know about Ol’ No. 8 until this morning when I found a 2001 Electrical Guide on-line. So, your suggestion is spot-on helpful. Thank you.
Though my car is USA model year 2002 the 2001 engine compartment fuse box diagram matches my car. (2002 Owner’s Manual fuse box diagram does not match).
14 gauge or 12 gauge to make the jumper ?
Sincere thanks to all.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro U.S.A.

Ahoy !
Speculative question on the AC clutch
Other than broken wires to the clutch, what might make a clutch go bad ? There’s what I’ll call the “clutch plate” (the part one see’s going In/Out to engage the pulley) and, the [coil-stator ?]. I don’t see how the clutch plate can go bad. As for the [coil-stator]: it’s copper wires - yes? - could it have become corroded such that a wire broke ? The car has approx. 68k miles but, sat outside a long time so, corrosion and lack of use have been the culprits.
Also, I am thinking that it makes better sense to replace the entire compressor instead of merely installing a clutch kit. Any thoughts ?
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro U.S.A.

Replacing the compressor makes sense if you determine the clutch is dead. Its a Ford product so Lincoln and Thunderbird used the same one and should be readily available new or used. has them starting about $180.

Jumping relay number 8 to engage the AC compressor clutch: these would be contacts 3 (three) and 5 (five) ?
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

Yes, jumper terminals 3 & 5, assuming you have power at 3.
Wire 66 comes from 10 amp fuse #1 in the front fuse box.