AC Dripping n hanging

My 69 2 plus 2 w auto n power brakes, AC condensation leaks into passenger floor mat- since I got it. And as u can see in pic, unit hangs. Any recs on how to drain that correctly or attach back of unit? Thanks guys!

Chris on the rear of the evaporator are 2 1/2" dia condensate drains that pass through the firewall. Check that they are connected to hoses and intact.

There is an L shaped bracket the connects to the underside of the fan cage that connects to the Right Hand kick panel. Your evaporator looks like its hanging too low.


I checked the drains; they seemed to be patent and made sure not clogged up. I did attempt to raise the whole part and put a bracket on it. ( there wasn’t a bracket on the unit n I improvised) However there appears to still be some space between the bottom of the dash n the top of the unit. Is this normal? It still appears to drip some from the back. Prob I need to see what’s obstructing raising it further?